There are several material handling equipment that are used in different industries. Taking warehouses into consideration specifically, pallet jacks tend to be the most popular ones for sure. Why so? Simply because pallet jacks are multipurpose and are capable of managing a wide variety of goods optimally well.

There are several areas in the warehouses which have restricted access due to tight space. This is where pallet jacks make a huge difference. They make it easier to handle goods in these spaces and keep the efficacy maintained as well.

But the main concern here is: choosing pallet jacks for sale in Brisbane How do you pick the right one for your warehouse? To help you, we have listed 3 most crucial features to assess while buying a pallet jack. Let’s explore.

1. Load Capacity

This is one of the core things to consider while looking for an accurate pallet jack. There are various jacks and each one of them has been designed to manage a different set of load. Adhering to the load capacity limit is extremely important due to safety purposes. Fragile cargo can be mishandled if the jack capacity exceeds, which leads to loss. If you have massive good operations then buying multiple pallet jacks is the wiser decision instead of overloading the capacity of one. Thus, always consider the jack’s load capacity according to your requirements.

2. Size

The size of the equipment is the second most important feature to consider. Pallet jacks are compact as they have to function in tight spaces. But they do come in varying sizes. Evaluate your warehouse needs before choosing a size. If you have narrow shelves then it is best to invest in a compact pallet jack. On the contrary, if you have moving space then you can definitely buy a jack that is a bit larger in size.

3. Manual or Electric

This is probably one of the most difficult decisions to make but definitely one of the most crucial ones too. Over the passage of time, electric jacks have become much more common due to their ease of use and safety features. But if you are just starting up and have a low budget, then opting for a manual jack might be your pick due to its affordability. As budget plays a huge role overall, make sure you invest accordingly.


Although the size and load capacity of the jack are two of the most important features to consider. But always set a budget before choosing one. Furthermore, consider the maintenance budget as well.

A budget will also help you streamline your choices as there are innumerable options available in the market these days. Considering the size and load capacity of the jack, you can assess the options available and do your research before picking one.

Take your time and once you are definite about the jack you want to invest in, go ahead and purchase it, to add safety to the movement of goods around your warehouse.