A blog is a kind of website where the focus is mostly around written content. This text-based content is called a blog post. There are news blogs, celebrity news sites, blogs that target Amazon products and almost any and every topic you can think of.

Bloggers unlike journalists or other professionals write with a personal approach. This helps them connect with a vast audience. Most blogs keep a comments section for its visitors. They can come and leave a comment and keep the engagement going.

This helps you establish a relationship with your readers. This direct connection with the reader is one of the biggest reasons why blogging is so popular. Once you gain trust, that opens up ways for you to monetize your blog. It forges both loyalty and a deep sense of belonging.

The best thing about the internet is that things are growing fast. This explosion gives you plenty of new readers. If you want to start a blog, then the right time is now.

However, that doesn’t mean that there are no professional bloggers. Many of them run extremely professional blogs with editors, a team of writers, and graphic designers working for them, SEOs professionally researching the best keywords that will perform best in search and drive HQ traffic. However, suppose you are giving time and investing in your blog. In that case, you can also expect a good ROI from it by monetizing the traffic or by helping the best link-building companies build links from your site, as many SEO and link-building agencies search for good blogs to make links.

But, what’s the purpose of a blog?

A blog lets you:

  • Share your story. A blog gives you a voice. You can share your story with the whole world. One of the ways a blog functions is as a diary where people share their daily experiences. Have an about for us landing page where you talk about who you are and what you do.
  • Make money from home. Blogging is a lucrative field using which you can position yourselves to earn some money online. Even part-time bloggers routinely see success when they do things well.
  • The best thing about blogging is you only need a few hours of writing a week. Some bloggers I know spend 2 hours every night. Some spend 2 hours a week on their blogs. That’s it.
  • Recognition: A blogger gets the word out and people follow them. Yes, you don’t have media clicking your every move but successful bloggers have a niche following. Many bloggers are known as experts in their fields because of how well they write. They sometimes land movie or book deals because of this. Let’s say you publish a tutorial on how to embed Excel into your blog. You share hundreds of similar tutorials. Very soon, you are an expert in your niche.
  • Blogging is interactive. You can create posts and have people comment on them. Blogging lets you reach people based on the wealth of experience you have. It gives you ways to connect with your readers too.

Should a blog have SSL on it?

Yes a blog should have SSL on it. It’s important for a vast number of reasons.

You need a certificate to be found on Google. Your blog will remain online when you pay for hosting. But that’s not enough. To be found online you need Google.

When someone searches the internet through their browser, they may see your site on Google.

When they click on the link however, Google flashes a warning sign that says. Your connection is not private. Like the one below.

So you need SSL certificate to avoid one. You want to avoid the connection not private message.

Ultimately you need someone to market your business. You can do that with the help of a marketer from Mayple or Marketerhire.


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