The tremendous shift of the education industry to the AI platform since the onset of the pandemic has stirred a question about whether or not online learning could be a long-term option for students. Being able to learn without attending class in physical mode has fascinated students. Also, it has opened an opportunity for those keen to pursue different degrees but facing constraints due to jobs or other responsibilities. Higher Education institutions that were strictly adherent to offline mode for taking admission and conducting classes decided to look beyond the lines for new possibilities in the educational system. 

Why Online Learning be a Permanent Option?

Here there are a few reasons which make online learning a permanent option for future learners:

  • Flexible

Online learning platforms allow setting their own pace for both tutor and learner. The reason is the association of LMS in the education system. LMS Full form is a learning management system that helps in creating an environment that facilitates both students and teachers where students receive the best material to learn. Teachers can record their attendance, evaluate their performance, etc. Also, online learning has been an excellent option for individuals who want to balance education and career together.

  • Offer wider certification options

A shift to the online platform has allowed higher education institutions to place their courses amongst learners. Everything is available just a click away from the Degree program to Python Coding, from the Language Certification program to 6 weeks of Creative Writing training. These options not only help individuals to excel in their career but also allows institutions to make their reach wider. 

  • Make learning customised

1:1 doubts clearing sessions, a restricted number of students in a meeting, and live Q&A sessions are some of the additional perks making the online learning platform a preferable option over the offline class. These options allow for making the classroom space a student-centred section. Also, online discussion forums to discuss doubts between peers allow communication and develop a sense of belonging in the online classroom space. 

  • Scrapes the cost

Ever thought about how Economic education has become by adopting the Online mode? Slashed Resource management costs for institutions and lesser fees for the students are some examples. Students are facilitated with instalment options for fee payment. Because of improved infrastructure, Institutions have become generous with scholarship programs which are benefitting an increased number of students than it was earlier. 

  • Terminated entrance limit 

Offline admission is always the number of students who can enrol in an institution. The reason given is that Institutions used to have a limited amount of resources and no management system using which they could regulate unlimited admission. However, a shift to online learning platforms and the introduction of ERP have resolved this problem. ERP full form of Enterprise resource planning has facilitated institutions to regulate their admission records and easily manage continuous enrollment. 

  • Govt online education 

Education departments at state and central levels across the globe appreciate this new form of learning. The online platform has become a carrier of education to that last person who could not receive education previously. Hence, numerous schemes have been launched to support online learning to increase the literacy rate in the country and globally. 


Online learning is a breakthrough in the world of education, and in a changing scenario, Online learning will be the most excellent learning option for global learners.