When it comes to manifesting happiness, there are various positive character traits that we should all be channeling. Even if you consider yourself a good person, there’s always room for growth, and a good person will always accept they will never be perfect. As a result, there are always positive character traits to be worked on. You might already consider yourself a generous or honest person, but you can always work to exercise these traits to a greater extent. Detailed below are some of the most positive character traits that we should all strive to express in the pursuit of happiness.


First and foremost, it’s fair to say that we could all do our bit to put the needs of others first once in a while. Some people use religion as the driving force behind their generosity, with Islam requiring Zakat donations of those who can afford them. Regardless of what pushes you to be more generous, it’s something you should prioritize. It’s important to appreciate the privileges we’ve been dealt in life and recognize that we are no more deserving of these privileges than anyone else. As a result, we should look to share our blessings regularly, and this doesn’t even have to be in a financial capacity.


Respectfulness refers to treating others and yourself with civility, dignity, deference, kindness, and courtesy. While it’s true that we all have our character flaws, it’s important that we don’t deem anyone unworthy of respect because of them. It’s impossible for us to like every individual but liking them and respecting them are two separate things. The same goes for ourselves; we should always pay ourselves respect, even if we’re not necessarily happy with how we’ve handled something. Respectfulness should be the minimum requirement for how we treat others and ourselves.


Loyalty is something that’s highly sought after in a life partner, as it describes devotion and faithfulness to loved ones. In order to lead a happy existence, we should carry over this loyalty to our countries, communities, organizations, and employers. If we remain loyal, this contributes to our sense of belonging in all aspects of our lives, making us feel happier within our existence. Loneliness is the number one culprit of sadness, and so long as you’re loyal, you’ll never be alone. Consequently, loyalty is an essential trait to remaining happy.