The continuous transmission of video or audio from server to clients is Streaming. Streaming is common and very popular among many people nowadays. There are many apps and sites launched that offer streaming in various ways like audio streaming, video streaming, sports streaming, etc. Usually, customer has to pay for the streaming services. They offer different subscription plans for every person. As we know in this era, almost every person is using a mobile phone for every single or small purpose. Therefore these streaming websites have made it easier for their customers by launching these streaming apps. They can easily access their subscribed streaming website on their mobile phone by single clicking on the app’s icon.

History of Streaming

The era of streaming starts recently in 1990. The first video streamers are Starworks. At that time people do not prefer these streaming services the most because of some reasons, some of which may be due to slow and limited internet access. But with time the advancement in Streaming services increased and in 2001 a music streaming website was launched called This website offers unlimited and free music downloads that’s why it become too much popular among many people. But unfortunately, this website was banned because of a lawsuit. This lawsuit contains the copyright application. This website posts and offers other artists' songs for free to everyone. And when it comes to video streaming Netflix is the oldest platform.

As time passes there are many different sites and apps launched that provide streaming services. Most popular streaming apps frequently used among people nowadays are:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Spotify
  • Hulu
  • Direct TV stream
  • Disney+


Netflix was a DVD rental company established in 1997. They have struggled a lot to make this company well-known among people. After crossing many hurdles, Netflix enters the streaming services line in 2007. They firstly sales their DVD on this online streaming platform but failed to gain much popularity among many people. It was because people don’t like to waste their money on that movie which is already aired on TV or in cinemas. Thus they introduced their first original web series named Lillehammer in 2012. These Netflix original web series gain a lot of popularity therefore they become the center of attraction to people. Thus, Netflix keeps providing many original web series on their streaming platform which becomes one of the reasons behind their successful growth.


 If you are a music addict and looking for the best music then this platform is the best for you. Spotify become the number 1 music streaming app around the world. They offer different subscription plans.


Disney+ is relative to Netflix's purpose. It also provides many original web series of them. And also very well-known among people. It is the number 3 world streaming app.

Amazon prime video

Amazon prime video is also very old in this streaming field. They came into competition against Netflix in 2006. And nowadays it has also gained so much popularity that it is one the number 2 streaming apps all around the world.


Hulu is the best streaming app if you are looking for both sports and movie streaming. It has gained so much popularity nowadays because they have recently offered this service for free to their customers and every person.

Direct TV stream

If you are a sports addict then this direct TV stream would be the best offer for you so far. This streaming app provides you with many sports and news channels like ESPN, TNT, NBC, FOX, and many more. You can also watch mlb66 streams on it.


If you are interested in Japanese web series then this is the best platform. You can Watch Tv Shows at ifvod tv easily in 4k and HD quality. They also provide sports and news streaming.


HBO (Home Box Office), is well-known for its original series. Many of these series are among the most popular and critically acclaimed series ever. HBO could not ignore the fact that the 21st century saw a shift in viewership towards the internet and launched "HBO Go" streaming service in 2020. HBO Go was rebranded in the U.S. as "HBO Max" in Europe. HBO Max currently has 85 millions subscribers worldwide.

Apple Music

Apple Music, the music streaming service from American tech giant Apple, was launched in 2015. Apple's legendary CEO Steve Jobs was against the idea of a subscription-based music streaming service despite the success that Spotify has achieved. After his death in 2011, Apple's new leadership couldn't ignore the dramatic shift to the internet in music. Apple made the service accessible to non-iOS users and non-Mac users. Apple Music has approximately 80,000,000 users around the world.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music, the world's largest online retailer, also offers a streaming service that allows users to listen to podcasts and music. Amazon Music was launched in 2007 and now has approximately 55,000,000 paying customers.

YouTube Music

The most used video-sharing platform in the world offers a premium service that allows users to listen to music without ads. It has been used by around 50,000,000 users and they are now subscribed to the ad free YouTube service.

Sirius XM

Radio is not as popular today as it was in its original format. Sirius XM shows that radio can still be a part of today's entertainment ecosystem in a streaming format. This is evident in the approximately 35,000,000 subscribers to Sirius XM’s online radio streaming service.