Asia is the largest continent in the world. Of course, Asia has a lot of countries in it. Some of them are also favorite destinations for studying abroad. There are Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and also China.

If Australia is famous for its research education, what about Asia? In your opinion, what majors do students studying in Asia like to take? Let's try to take a look.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) majors

A major in STEM is a favorite major for students in Asia. STEM can be further divided into more broad.


In the field of science, many students in Asia are fond of biology. Biology is a major that studies the environment, plants, animals, and humans. The scope of learning is quite a lot, so the job prospects can also be broad. In fact, science graduate students can work in the health sector too!


The Department of Computer and Information Sciences is one of the most popular majors in technology for students in Asia. What else now. Everything uses information technology. From ordering transportation, ordering food, booking hotels, shopping, consulting doctors, we all use IT products. Not to mention the Internet of Things (IoT). A new branch of science that combines industrial electronics and IT. IT is starting to become a major in itself. One of the universities that provides this course is James Cook University in Singapore.


According to data from the Statista Research Department, the engineering department has a fairly large number of Asian students. As many as 26% of Asian students choose engineering because this major is also quite popular among them.

There are many departments in the field of engineering. Such as mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, and others. Singapore is also still a country that has the best engineering majors. There are National University of Singapore, Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore Institute of Technology and many more


Mathematics majors study the relationship between numbers, structure and patterns. Their classes range from algebra to statistics. Students will learn skills such as logic, analysis, abstract thinking, and problem solving. Mathematicians have quite a variety of job options. Among them are professors, actuaries, Market Research Analysts, Economists. Aerospace Engineer and Financial Analyst. The best Asian universities that have a mathematics major are the National University of Singapore and Tsinghua University. Oh yes, you can also consider Taylors University in Malaysia.


The department that never dies. Business remains popular despite the emergence of new majors in technology. The business major prepares students to become proficient in managing companies. Either when they work in other companies, or when they start their own business. In some places, the business department is divided into several sections. There are international business, finance, marketing, economics, product management and others.


Students in Asia also have a strong interest in statistics major. Statistics is not only about predicting weather and gathering information for government needs. Now almost every business needs statistical data to grow their business and make decisions regarding the business they run.

Moreover, stock and investment prestige is predicted to skyrocket. And of course, statistical data will be highly sought after in the future.

Those are some of the favorite majors for students in Asia as well as the reason why these majors are their favorites. The majors chosen on average are majors that have great opportunities in the future. Are you unsure which major to choose? Or are you confused about where to study? Just go to to find the majors that are right for you.