Do you wish to consume Delta 9 THC due to its several benefits? Are you confused about the correct manner or the most convenient methods of consuming Delta 9? You have landed on the right page as this article has everything you need to know. Learn about all the ways in which you can consume Delta 9 and check out Delta 9 vape at!

What Is Delta 9 THC?

Delta 9 is a natural metabolite famous for creating a feeling of “high” due to its psychoactive properties. Being a THC and a cannabinoid molecule, it has a complex structure comprising:

  • 21 Atoms of Carbon
  • 30 Atoms of Hydrogen and
  • 2 Atoms of Oxygen

How Does Consuming  Delta 9 Make You Feel?

It is a fact that Delta 9 can create strong euphoric effects within the human body. This primarily happens due to its unique ability associated with the CB1 receptors present in the central nervous system and the peripheral tissues.

Let us now understand how delta 9 can produce a “high” and a feeling of “happiness” in the simplest of medical language. Read the below the pointers:

  • Delta 9 THC is a marijuana extract and stimulates the human brain’s reward system to release a neurotransmitter, which is known as dopamine, produced in the Ventral Tegmental Area (VAT)
  • The hormone Dopamine is responsible for the human body to create feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, and happiness, causing us to feel good and feel blissed.
  • This dopamine is released in our human body naturally when something good happens to us, and we feel happy.
  • However, Delta 9 THC, a potent psychoactive substance, lets the human brain release a significant dose of dopamine, depending on the quantity of Delta 9 consumed.
  • The dopamine pathways, especially mesolimbic pathways, carry this released hormone to the nucleus accumbens, an area in the Basal Forebrain.
  • The nucleus accumbens plays a significant role in regulating the level of satisfaction and motivation in humans.
  • When dopamine reaches this region or part of the brain, it signals it to become active and thus, in turn, creates a strong artificial feeling of “pleasure” and “satisfaction.”

How Should You Consume Delta 9 THC? – Best Methods to Do This.

The onset of effects and the strength of the feelings usually depend upon the method you have chosen for the consumption of Delta 9.

There are undoubtedly several ways to consume Delta 9 THC; however, we here present you with some of the most convenient methods for consuming it:


  • Inhalation is often considered the most potent way of consuming Delta 9.
  • The onset is the quickest, and the vigor of the psychoactive effects is the strongest when you inhale the Delta 9.
  • It happens because; inhalation causes the Delta 9 to get directly mixed with the bloodstream causing it to work with its full potential and too quickly.
  • It also causes it to give you a smooth high and makes you feel relaxed in a few minutes.

This process of inhalation is done through the following modes:

  • Smoking: There are several Delta 9 cigarettes in the market, both electronic and non-electronic, that can be used to inhale this psychoactive compound.
  • Vaping: You can do vaping using the vape cartridges available at Delta 9 vape at CB. These cartridges can be filled with the Delta 9 liquid and transformed into vapors. These vapors can be inhaled to feel “high.”
  • Dabbing: The butane hash oil (BHO), rich in the THC compound of Delta 9, can be heated in an “oil rig” at high temperatures. Post this; the generated smoke is inhaled.

Ingestion by Mouth

  • A typical market is full of several Delta 9 products, such as candies, gummies, capsules, tinctures, oils, etc., which can be ingested.
  • It is the most convenient method for consuming Delta 9 THC as you have to buy a product and eat it.
  • There are no hassles in heating the product to produce Delta 9 rich smoke.
  • However, the onset will be comparatively delayed, and the vigor of the effects will be milder because delta 9 will first enter the stomach instead of the bloodstream.

Topical Application

  • If you don’t want Delta 9 to enter your body but still want to experience its benefits, this method can work best for you.
  • Several lotions, balms, and oils have delta 9 as an ingredient and can be applied to the skin.
  • There will be little to no psychoactive effects in this method as Delta 9 remains restricted to the pores of our skin.
  • However, you can get relief from pain, inflammation, skin allergies, and other irritations by consuming Delta 9 via topical application.
  • It is also one of the easiest methods for consuming Delta 9

Sublingual Consumption

  • You can consume delta 9 THC in the form of lozenges and dissolvable strips that get dissolved when placed under the tongue.
  • This dissolution creates a liquid, which can be consumed in the same way as drinking water.
  • This method is also easy. However, some people might not prefer to place strips under their tongue.

Administration by Sprays

  • There are several sprays available in the market that have Delta 9 THC present.
  • These spray cans can be pressed inside the mouth, and the resultant vapors can be consumed which results in the consumption of Delta 9 quickly.
  • It is also an easy and convenient method.


Delta 9 THC is a marijuana-based product and represents the most psychoactive compound of a marijuana flower. It creates substantial euphoric effects after stimulating the production and release of dopamine.

There are several ways of consuming Delta 9, with Ingestion by Mouth being the most convenient and consumption via injections being the most inconvenient method. However, this varies from person to person and is primarily influenced by their purpose, expectations, and desires.

However, you should try and choose the method that suits you and your body the best.