When getting affordable health insurance, your priority should be coverage and quality care. You need to be ensured that you and your family are in good hands at all times. Health insurance can help you get the care you need and avoid bigger problems down the road. It provides you the comfort of knowing most of your bills will be covered in the event of a health crisis.

Why Do I Need Affordable Health Insurance?

Often people avoid hospital visits or delay necessary medical attention because they fear the expensive medical bills and hospitalization fees. However, that should not stop you from receiving the care you deserve. A good insurance plan will guarantee complete coverage, instant medical attention, and convenience.

Here are three reasons why you should avail a health insurance policy.

To Encounter Medical Inflation

With the rise in medical technology and the advent of novel diseases, treatment costs have also increased. These expenses are not limited to just hospitals. In fact, the charges for consultation, room, prescription drugs, diagnostic tests, and ambulance have also significantly increased.

All of these could potentially impede your finances if you’re not well-equipped. By purchasing a good and affordable health insurance plan, you can overcome medical inflation and opt for quality care without worrying about the money.

To Safeguard Your Savings

An unpredicted medical emergency can become the cause of serious mental and financial anguish if you’re not prepared. By purchasing suitable health insurance, you can easily manage your expenses without dipping into your savings from time to time.

Some insurance providers cover the complete cost of treatment and medicines, saving you the hassle of reimbursements. When you invest in a good insurance policy, you can use your personal savings to buy a house, plan a luxurious trip or pay for your child’s college.

To Protect Your Family

When buying an insurance policy, you can choose to cover your entire family under one policy rather than purchasing separate policies. Considering your children and aging parents who are more prone to illnesses is crucial when selecting the right plan.

You should not have to worry about ensuring they get quality medical care if you have suitable health coverage. Before purchasing a plan, talk to an expert who can guide you through the best plan that fits your needs.

Why Is Affordable Health Insurance Important?

Getting sick or injured is unforeseen and inevitable. But when it does show up, you should be prepared to tackle it without going bankrupt. Here is why affordable health insurance is important for all:

  • You can avail free preventative care such as vaccines, check-ups, screenings, and diagnostic tests even before the deductible.
  • It covers other health benefits that are crucial to maintaining illnesses, accidents, and good health.
  • Protects you from the unexpected cost of high medical bills
  • People with insurance are more likely to receive an early diagnosis and treatment, which could eventually lead to better health outcomes.
  • Access to treatment for behavioral health and substance use disorders is improved by insurance.
  • Individuals with insurance can easily access prescription drugs, dental treatments, and therapies.

A productive workforce, the growth of businesses, and the financial and physical security of the families of our country all depend on affordable health insurance.

Unaffordability of Health Insurance

Unaffordability of health insurance is most apparent for almost 47 million Americans who lack health coverage. Nearly two-thirds of Americans without health insurance make less than $44,000 annually or have incomes below 200% of the federal poverty level.

The majority of those without health coverage are workers or family members of workers who do not have access to employer-provided insurance. With the yearly average cost of employee-sponsored coverage around $15,000, health insurance is plainly out of reach for families that must purchase it on their own.

Unfortunately, even those with affordable health insurance are increasingly having trouble paying for medical care. According to research, an increasing number of Americans with health insurance struggle to afford both health insurance and medical care.

Underinsured individuals not only experience physical problems from receiving insufficient care, but they also experience financial issues related to the actual care they receive.

Roughly half of all foreclosures in the US are at least partially attributed to medical bills. Additionally, about three-quarters of people who were experiencing medical bankruptcies had health insurance at the time their sickness became the cause of bankruptcy.

Assuring Accessible Health Insurance to Americans

The most important objective of health reform is to provide all Americans with access to affordable health insurance.

As long as families are subject to a financial calamity when illness hits, there can be no economic security. Additionally, people cannot live healthy and fulfilling lives if they cannot pay for the medical care they require when they fall ill.

Implementing health reform is a difficult endeavor. However, the principles of affordability are simple. Making health insurance affordable is not sufficient; affordable health insurance also has to lower the cost of medical care, in general.

According to studies, insurance coverage increases access to care, supports positive health outcomes, such as an individual’s perception of their health and well-being, encourages the wise use of healthcare resources, and lessens the financial burden on people, families, and communities.


An affordable health insurance plan is a must-have in today’s fast-paced world. Protecting yourself and your loved ones from any event that could leave you financially disadvantaged is critical. JNA.org compiles a list of the best insurance providers from the internet and offers discounted rates for you to choose from.

They also save you research time but comparing rates and highlighting the various benefits offered. Remember, a good health insurance policy will prioritize you and your health, so you don’t have to compromise on receiving quality care and access to state-of-the-art medical equipment.