Most people favor ordering cooked meals from restaurants when planning a family supper or calling friends' home. Even though it is a simpler method, it is also typically expensive and unhealthy. Well you don't have to compromise on your health or your finances since we are here for you. You might be concerned about how to prepare tasty meals at home that take minimum time. In this article we will let you know about delicious recipes of Various cuisines from around the world, ranging from American to Indian and Japanese.

Read this article to know more about these recipes.

Ideas for starters

The dishes that are served before the main course are known as starters or appetizers. Typically, appetizers are basic and light so they are simple to consume and boost appetite.

Mac and cheese bites: This recipe comes from American cuisine. People from America are fond of cheese. Macaroni and cheese is quite popular there as it is very easy to make and requires three to four ingredients. It can be prepared within 15 minutes. The twist in the recipe comes when the prepared mac and cheese is dipped and coated in egg and flour which is then fried until golden brown. It can be served as both appetizer and in main course.

Italian bruschetta: A popular dish and a part of Italian cuisine. Bruschetta is mostly served as an appetizer. It is very simple to prepare. You need to have very less ingredients like French baguette, some chopped tomatoes, basil leaves and finely chopped garlic, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper and at last olive oil. Toss all the ingredients and toast the baguette that is sliced diagonally. Now serve the toasts with the tomato bruschetta mixture and enjoy.

Yorkshire pudding: a delicious meal to start which is crispy on the outside and is loved by English people. All you need are some eggs, milk, flour, pinch of salt, mix it all together to make a thick batter. Put some oil in the cupcake tray and preheat it. Put the batter in the tray and bake until perfectly done. Enjoy your crispy Yorkshire pudding.

Indian cuisine: This cuisine is famous all over the world and its speciality is its spices which make it different from cuisines all over the world. One should definitely give it a try. Starters from Indian cuisine include variety of chaats, chutney, pakoras and samosas.

Ideas for Main course

Main course is the main part of the meal and has a prime is followed by appetizer.

Pizza: pizza is considered among the most popular dishes of the world. It comes from Italian food. It is basically flat base of dough topped with tomato sauce and variety of cheese, then baked and served with basil leaves on the top of it. You can add different toppings as per your wish. For example: cooked chicken, olives, sliced mushrooms, pepperoni, sausages, bell peppers and onions etc.

Turkish kebabs: Turkish cuisine is famous for its love for meat. Kebabs are a popular dish of turkey which include Shish kebab, Adana kebab and Iskender kebab and many others. A fulfilling dish which includes minced meat mixed with spices and vegetables like bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and eggplants etc. grilled on skewers.

Pad Thai: This dish was originated from Thailand and is a part of its cuisine. It is a sweet and savory dish served with rice noodles, crunchy vegetables stir fried with tofu and topped with eggs, tamarind sauce and crushed peanuts. Ingredients can vary as per your choice.

Chinese dishes: large variety of Chinese dishes are loved by people that include Manchurians (with meat or vegetables)garlic rice, fried rice, hotpot etc.

Pot-au-feu: is the national dish of France. It is prepared from meat and vegetables that are cooked on slow heat for 2 to 3 hours and is served with broth.

Ideas for desserts

Cakes: cakes have been the most favorite desserts of all time. Various flavors and varieties of cakes are served which include vanilla, chocolate, carrot, blueberry, walnut, Jaffa etc.

Puddings: puddings are very easy to make. Egg pudding, breading pudding, rice pudding, toffee pudding are the popular ones.

Turkish baklava: Turkish foods are very unique and exotic. Most popular dessert from turkey is the baklava which is made from layers of filo with chopped pistachios and walnuts baked in oven and indulged with sugar syrup.

So fill your table with finger licking recipes from all over the world.