Instagram has developed from an online photo-sharing software to a platform that allows users to effortlessly make, edit, and publish their videos in several formats since its debut in 2010.

These videos give Instagram a new level that still photographs can't achieve, whether they are shared as Instagram Stories, posts, or Reels in your feed. Additionally, these Instagram videos don't need to be extensive or costly productions.

Low-budget videos may look more authentic (and successful) than high-budget videos. Using Instagram's video editor, a computer, or a range of handy mobile applications, you may film interesting videos for your brand's Instagram page using only a smartphone.

If you're not currently using Instagram to reach your target audience or need assistance developing a strategy, check out our beginner's guide to creating a social media marketing strategy.

Three different Instagram video formats to promote your business

Videos are the type of content on the channel that gets the most attention. One study found that videos get more than 24 comments per post on Instagram, while images get just under 15 comments per post. Videos also get an average of nearly 1,098 likes. And Instagram says that 91% of active users watch weekly videos on the site. Because of these things, adding videos to the Instagram page for your brand is a smart way to get more people to interact with you.

Instagram videos have three main types: Live, Reels, and Stories.

  1. Live videos on Instagram

You may utilize Instagram's Live video function if you have an unplanned video idea that does not need editing or a concept that would be best applied in real-time. You may record straight in the app and notify your followers of your Livestream by navigating to your story in the app's upper-left corner and hitting the Record icon. This is an excellent method to record live events, such as pop-up stores, and show your followers what you're doing now. Consider conducting seminars or live tutorials to teach customers how to apply your items in their own lives.

Many businesses also use Instagram Live to work with influencers by letting them take control of the brand's live stream for a certain amount of time. When both sides push these takeovers, it's a great way to get new followers and make new connections.

  1. Reels on your Instagram feed

The site recently changed the format of Instagram feed videos, converting them into Reels like TikTok videos. Sound effects, music, and stickers may be added to your Instagram Reels and tags for any highlighted items. Reels are an excellent method to broaden your reach and reach new audiences since Instagram displays these films on the Reels page, users' main feeds, and the Explore tab. You can even transform Reels videos into advertisements to increase their exposure.

Regarding reels, there are no limits to what you can do. PAGE365 is an Order Management System that utilizes Reels to show off Tutorials, Reviews, Tips, and many more.

In terms of video standards, here's all you need to know about Instagram videos and Reels in your feed:

Maximum file size: 4 GB

File format: MP4 or MOV

Maximum duration: 90 seconds

Aspect ratio: 1:91:1

Orientation: square or landscape

  1. Instagram Stories videos

Instagram Stories are another effective method of brand promotion. Instagram reports that 58% of users get more interested in a business or product after seeing it in a Stories post. Unlike normal Instagram posts, Instagram Stories do not appear on your brand's feed. Stories will expire after 24 hours unless you save them to the highlights section of your Instagram profile. However, you may still access them in your archive if you need to utilize them in the future.

You may share a previously-recorded video to your Stories, or you can make a new video using the Stories tool inside the app. Before sharing with your followers, you may add Instagram stickers, text, and filters, just like you would with a picture from your camera roll.

Instagram videos are not always recorded with a camera. For example, PAGE365, an Order Management System, made a video for their Stories to advertise their clients' online shop. The video is a recording of the online shop's products. It then included the video to its highlights for advertising the online shops so that consumers are constantly aware that the brand's products are available online and in person.

Ready to add video to your Instagram marketing strategy?

You can always try new things with your Instagram video marketing strategy. You don't need fancy cameras or a lot of money to hire a production crew. Some of the best and most influential brand Instagram videos were made by people with no video background using only a smartphone. And when you use the Page365–Instagram integration, you can make a smooth checkout process that builds customer relationships and boosts sales.