Beauty contests traditionally were competitions where the judges would rate the contestants on beauty. These contests have a long history. Even in the medieval era, The English Mayday celebrations included choosing a May Queen.

The definition of beauty is different in every era, and a new set of parameters is set for the contestants to fill. Today, beauty contests are focusing on inner beauty as well as outer beauty. Character, intelligence, personality, and talent are part of the beauty contest.

Multiple local and international beauty pageants happen every year and have a long history. You can participate in a regional competition to understand the basics of a beauty pageant.

Mental Preparation

Prepare yourself mentally for the beauty pageant. You must decide which talent you want to show the judges and which you must keep to yourself. Work on your political and personal statements and practice speaking in fluent English.

Practice answering questions in one-on-one conversations. Every pageant has a unique platform, and you have to practice accordingly. You have to prepare yourself for failure. It is okay to fail in a few pageants. The only thing that matters is that you improve every time.

Pageant Hair

A simple but glamorous hairstyle is always in fashion for pageant hair. You must have the skills to make your hair in a short time. Many things can go wrong in a beauty pageant. Having personal grooming skills will come in handy when it comes to taking part in a beauty contest.

Lucious and long hair are always a plus point in beauty contests. You can style your hair with clip in hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are easy to use, and you can take them off any time. These extensions add volume to your hair and remain intact with your scalp. You can style your extensions the same way you style your natural hair.

Make sure you practice using hair extensions before getting ready for the contest.

Neutral Makeup

You have to wear a full face of makeup for your interviews and stage performance. Make sure that you wear neutral shades in your makeup. Wearing bold colors on the eye can make you appear unusual, and it can be distracting for the judges.

For eyeshadow, you can use browns and blacks. Use gold and shimmery colors to highlight the inner corner of your eye and enhance the center of your lid. You can wear light pink or bright reds for your lips.

Formal Dress

You will require a few dresses to partake in a beauty pageant. Dresses, especially formal dresses, are expensive. You can rent your dresses from stores and boutiques to save money. Choose a dress that accentuates your waist and body.

Make sure the dress is elegant and does not need any fitting changes. Look online for the dresses that beauty pageant winners have worn before. You can take inspiration from old dresses and choose a modern and chic outfit.

Work on your walk and posture in the dress. Stand straight and with a confident look on your face to elevate your look.