When it comes to high school Algebra, students tend to get overwhelmed and stressed. Just the thought of studying mathematics can make many anxious. But as challenging as it might seem, Algebra is vital for overall academic progress.

Did you know that students who are unable to pass Algebra 1 have just a 20% chance of passing high school? We are sure you don't want to contribute to that, so it will be wise if you enroll yourself in a summer course that can help you stand ahead of others in your class.

Other than that, here are a few tips you must follow to succeed.

1. Create a plan

You may have to plan for so many things for this upcoming summer vacation, like attending some hobby classes, going on a vacation, and much more. So it is better to think about what you will do when your summer break starts and how you will use it fully.

And in between all the activities, giving some time to studies is also essential, for which an algebra summer course can be a good option. This approach will help you brush up on the concepts taught in school before the break.

You may be perplexed about what to do at what time, so one great way is to have a schedule for everything you are planning to do. This will let you manage your studies and social life in a better way.

2. Practice

Mathematics needs practice, and Algebra requires you to study every single day. So no matter how much you hate it or how poor you are at it, don't give up.

Keep practicing your sums, even after a lesson/course is over. This, of course, doesn't mean that you burn yourself out but make sure you're never out of touch with Algebra. In order to truly get into the habit of practicing, set aside some time, say an hour every day, for practicing each chapter of Algebra.

If you feel an hour is too much, start with 15 minutes, do it for 3-4 days, and then increase the time to 30 minutes. The important thing here is to make progress.

3. Eliminate distractions

All subjects require you to eliminate distractions, but when it comes to Algebra, it's of utmost importance.

For example, when you're studying Algebra in a summer course from the comfort of your house, it's easy to get distracted. Constant ringing from your phone or the latest show on Netflix can keep diverting your mind. But you have to get rid of all these thoughts and distractions.

Sit in your room or in any quiet space and close your eyes for a few minutes. Make sure you're focused enough and then start studying. Please turn your phone off or switch it to airplane mode. If you're taking an online course, make sure your focus is on your study screen only, and you don't open other tabs on the internet.

4. Manage your time

Being a part of the Algebra summer school isn't easy- there are various things for you to do and very little time. This is why you have to learn how to manage your time if you wish to ace Algebra. Time management not only helps you to perform better academically but also improves your lifestyle.

Even if the course is just for six weeks, ensure you're getting the most out of all these weeks and not falling behind. One good approach to managing your time is to create an outline of the entire course and the topics to learn. If there are any assessments, make sure you're prepared for them too.

5. Study in groups

Group study sessions can be extremely helpful, especially if you're getting stuck on a particular sum. It's not always easy for students to ask their teachers for help, so studying with your friends is a wonderful alternative. But when you do get together and study, make sure the time is spent constructively.

Don't fiddle with your phone or talk about other things. Instead, make a small group of about 4-5 people and set a timetable for every alternate day or every week. Solving each other's problems will also help you to grasp concepts faster.

These are a few amazing ways to ace Algebra in high school. Just remember the mantra of practicing daily and following a schedule. You'll can be a pro in the subject with hard work and patience before the school restarts!