Can you imagine your team working to solve puzzles in an escape room? Escape rooms are the perfect way for teams to bond and work together to solve problems. By designing puzzles that require collaboration, teams can learn how to work better together and create stronger relationships. Here’s how you can craft the perfect escape room puzzles for team-building activities.

Activities that Require Collaboration

When designing escape room puzzles, they must require collaboration between teammates. Puzzles that involve multiple steps or parts, or those that require different skill sets to solve, will ensure that everyone on the team has a role in solving the puzzle. This allows everyone to feel included and engaged in the task at hand. It also helps build trust between teammates as they learn to rely on each other’s strengths while tackling a challenge. Escape room team building activities are a great way to get your team working together and building trust.

Keep It Interesting

Make sure your puzzles are unique and interesting enough to capture the team’s attention. Puzzles should have some reward for solving them, such as a clue that will help lead to the next puzzle. This will keep them motivated and engaged throughout the escape room experience. You can use physical props, technology-based puzzles, and mental challenges like riddles to create an exciting and engaging experience for your team.

Design Puzzles That Are Challenging But Not Too Difficult

When creating your escape room puzzles, design them to be challenging but not overly difficult. The key is to find a balance between how hard something is and how easy it is to do so that everyone on the team has an equal chance of doing well without feeling too overwhelmed. If the puzzles are too easy, team members won’t be able to work together effectively; if they are too difficult, no one will be able to solve them!

Incorporate Variety Into Your Puzzles

Try incorporating various puzzles into your escape room designs to keep things interesting. This could include riddles, math equations, crosswords, quizzes, visual challenges and more! A good mix of different types of puzzles will make sure everyone has something to contribute and help keep team members engaged throughout the activity.

Top Puzzle Ideas for Escape Rooms Team Building Activities

If you're looking for a fun, diverse place to host your team building activities and programs, Virginia Beach is the perfect spot. There are many things to do in Virginia Beach in the winter, from arts and culture to fine dining and recreation. And if you're planning an indoor escape room for team building, here are some great puzzle ideas:

Message Hidden In Balloons

If you're looking for a fun way to hide clues or prizes, try hiding them inside balloons! Inflate a bunch of extra balloons and leave them around the room as decorations. That way, players will think they're just part of the theme and won't suspect anything hidden inside.

Beware of the mines

This game is the perfect way to add excitement and fun to your DIY escape room game. Players take turns crossing a 'minefield' blindfolded while other players give directions from the other hallway. The possibilities for obstacles are endless, ranging from chairs and stools to tennis balls.

Code Breaking Challenge

This age-old conundrum is perfect for gauging the collective ingenuity of your team. Create a puzzle for them to solve, perhaps using anagrams or mathematical calculations, and post it on the wall.

Mirror-based host message

In the old espionage flicks, it was common to see secret messages inscribed on restroom mirrors. Here is your chance to become a spy. Use boiling water, soap suds, or a whiteboard marker to leave a note for your staff. The coded message will be concealed, but only your team members will be able to read it.


Designing escape room puzzles for team building activities can be a great way for teams to come together and form bonds while having fun! Make sure your puzzles require collaboration between teammates and incorporate variety into them so everyone has something they can contribute while still keeping it challenging but not too difficult! You should be well on your way to creating thrilling and successful escape room experiences if you keep these suggestions in mind!