Sunglasses are a crucial part of your everyday outfits - whether you are heading to work, meeting friends, or simply taking a stroll down the park, your sunglasses constitute an important part of your overall look. Especially during the summers when the sun’s out for almost 14 hours a day, not only do sunglasses make a fashion statement but they also help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays coming from the sun. Hence, if you want to protect your eyes and also look great while doing so, below are five types of sunglasses that should be a part of your summer wardrobe:

1. The classic: Aviators

Aviator sunglasses are a classic pair that are lightweight and usually come in tinted glass. Specifically developed for commercial and officer pilots to protect their eyes during the 1930s, they soon gained popularity among the masses with individuals even referring to them as pilot sunglasses.

Since aviators have a light metal frame, they can ideally be used by any and everyone. However, the ideal face shape that aviators suit the most is square and oval faces, as this help enhance the facial structure for those with oval and square face shapes.

2. The preppy: Cat eye sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses are the perfect type for most face shapes, and especially more so for round faces. If you want a fierce and strong, and yet a preppy look, cat eye sunglasses are the type for you. Any glasses that have their top part slightly stretched out and a rounded or oval bottom is what categorizes them as cat eye glasses.

While there is a misconception that cat eye glasses are only reserved for women, it isn’t true in the slightest. Many varieties of this type exist for both men and women, and most types are unisex. They have gained such popularity in the past few years that the hype around cat eye glasses is only increasing with every passing year.

3. The cool: Wayfarers

Wayfarers were initially created by the popular eyewear company Ray-Ban in the 1950s, and have since then been manufactured by numerous other designer eyewear manufacturers. Wayfarers are categorized by their sturdy frame that adds definition to almost every face shape and is equally popular among men and women.

Particularly for round faces, Wayfarers add a sense of depth and dimension that any other sunglasses type does not. Wayfarers are usually worn in a classic black tint but are not increasingly produced in several other shades as well. If you are having trouble finding the right pair for yourself, head to Vision Direct for a variety of brands that feature wayfarers.

4. The chic: Butterfly sunglasses

Butterfly sunglasses are the it-accessory on runways this season and are possibly the chicest type of sunglasses to ever exist. Not only do butterfly sunglasses add personality to your outfit, but they also help accentuate your facial features.

Butterfly sunglasses are characterized by pairs that have smaller lenses on the inside and a wide edge on the outside. These are usually oversized and come tinted in a variety of shades. These have been in fashion since the 1990s and are only gaining popularity ever since. Certain types of butterfly sunglasses come in feminine shades such as pink and lavender, and also feature indents on the inner corners to fully represent a butterfly and its wings in the right manner.


Sunglasses are an important part of your summer wardrobe, and it would be an absolute fashion crime for you to sport the same pair of sunglasses with every summer outfit. Hence, everyone should have the above-mentioned types and pairs of sunglasses in their wardrobe to transform their look from casual to dressy in no time.