Do you find yourself scrolling through magazines, admiring designer clothing and jewelry? The one thing that always comes to mind is that you cannot afford the items. Well, that may very well be true. One thing about designer fashion is that it is expensive. Gucci, Tiffany, Prada, and other luxury brands cater to those with money. 

Indeed the luxury goods revenue contribution is quite high. As of 2022, luxury goods generated $312.6 billion. Projections for up to 2027 are at a CAGR of 5.4%. That means the upward trend is something we can expect. 

Well, we're about to let you in on a little secret. You don't have to spend much money to get the designer look. All you need to know is how to shop and where to look. Indeed, you never need to reveal to anyone how much you paid for the items.

So if you want to know how to spruce up your wardrobe on a budget, please read on. We will share some fantastic places to get designer looks on a budget. 

Explore Smaller Brands for Diamond Jewelry and Clothing

Every designer brand lover knows the big names. But you may not be aware of one fact. Do you know why a Gucci Bag is so expensive? After all, the family-owned bag maker store at the corner has an unmatched level of artistry. Indeed the older ones pass down the bag-making art to the younger generations, a trend that has lasted years. 

Well, Gucci is what the marketing world calls an established brand. The company has invested time and resources to position itself as a luxury brand. That in itself is no mean feat and is indeed worthy of accolades. So every product you buy from a famous store has a brand markup on the cost. In essence, you pay for the pleasure of having their name on whatever you buy. 

The same applies to jewelry and other luxury brands. Yet, you can get the same quality and craftsmanship in the smaller brands. That beautiful diamond tennis bracelet you so desire can be yours at a fraction of  what you would pay at the bigger brands stores. 

It is easy to know the company's reputation by reading customer reviews. This is especially important if you're buying pricier items like fine jewelry.  

Online Shopping at Closeout Websites and Luxury Fashion Sales

Luxury brands operate in a very interesting way. At the end of the season, they will typically remove any items they have not sold from their stores. Some of them will destroy the goods to maintain exclusivity.

They also do it to avoid devaluing the image they have worked so hard to build. Many brands have come under scrutiny for such practices, including H&M. Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Michael Korrs. 

But thankfully, not all designer brands engage in such practices. They will sell the out-of-season goods on their closeout websites. Some examples include The Outnet, Nordstrom Rack online, and 

The advantage of shopping at closeout sites is that you get designer items at heavily discounted prices. Now, remember this stock that is no longer in season. So if you are into seasonal trends, such sites may not be for you. But, if you love the designer's work, you can get some great pieces at such stores. 

Another fantastic option when shopping on a budget is to check out the designer brands' sales. You can get some great buys all year round. 

Shop for Second Hand Clothing or Jewelry

You can find some fantastic designer items by browsing through second-hand clothing retailers or thrift stores. The only challenge is that it depends a lot on luck. 

The better option is to go to consignment stores that deal specifically with designer apparel and jewelry. The chances of finding the designer item you want at such stores are much higher. The stores repair and launder the items, so you get them in good condition.

It is also possible to find pre-owned fine jewelry. Do talk to your jewelry seller because they may be the best source of such pieces. 

Check out the Designer Brands Other Collections

Your favorite brand does not only have what is on the runway or displayed in the brand stores. There are many other collections, all under the designer brand's umbrella. Allow us to clarify what we mean. You know Gucci as the designer brand. But under the stable are other lower-end brands, bridge lines, and capsule collections. So what are they? 

  • Bridge or diffusion lines are a collaboration between a low-priced retailer and a high-end designer. It is a secondary line created by the high-end designer to retail at a lower price. You will find some differences from the signature line. But, this does that mean you will not get some fantastic pieces. The low-priced retailer is typically responsible for mass producing the items to sell to the lower-end market. 
  • Capsule collections are typically brand collaborations or a few pieces of the designer's work. You could consider them a condensed version of the designer's vision. The reason for creating such is for commercial purposes. You will typically find that the items are functional and will transcend trends and seasons. The capsule designs go into mass production, thus attracting lower pricing. Getting your hands on a capsule collection is great because they are there for a limited time. Once they run out, that's it. 
  • Lower-cost brands may bear the brand name. Take the example of REDValentino instead of just Valentino. Do note that the quality may not be as high as the main brand. 

Final Thoughts

You can still get the designer look without causing a massive dent in your cash flow. The trick is to know where to look for the items. We have shared some fantastic places you can check out. Second-hand clothes, designer fashion brands, and consignment stores are some. 

Also, do check out smaller brands so that you don't pay to have a brand name on your apparel and jewelry.

It is also essential to know when to shop. The off-season provides an opportunity to wear your favorite designer's items. You can also explore flash sales and closeout websites. The trick is to buy classic pieces that can transcend the seasons. That way, you are never out of style.