We may increasingly believe that employees are staying with their companies for shorter and shorter spans of time. While it may be true that employees are moving on to further their careers more often, those who remain loyal to their employers often have fulfilling work lives, where the office can become like a second home. If you have long-term employees who you want to celebrate, here are three of the best rewards you can give to them.

Increased annual leave or special vacation time

When a long-term employee hits a certain landmark, a physical gift can be a fantastic way to mark this special moment in time. This is why a meal with their team or even a watch or custom-made linen suit has been traditional as an indicator of the length of service. However, a truly incredible way to give employees a boost and something they can share with the ones they love is to give them some extra time away from work. Increasing annual leave with each year served is a good way to incentivise employees to stay with you, but giving them a week or two off as a special bonus can allow them to relax and rejuvenate.

A great range of benefits

Many employees don’t worry about their benefits until later in life, but providing ongoing benefits is very imporWhether you are offering private health insurance, service as a CRNA, death in service benefits, the option to add more to their pension pot or mental health support, you should give your employees the opportunity to adjust their specific benefits and build rewards. A platform like Zest is ideal for letting your employees have more control over their overall compensation package and allows them to see the growing value of remaining in the same company.

Recognition and trust

Perhaps the best reward you can give to long-term employees is recognition. Noting their achievements and celebrating them in a way that is personal to them is extremely important in showing them how much they matter. Giving them more trust in their role is also a wonderful way to do this, with flexibility allowing them to work in a way that changes with their life and circumstances. In a world where working from home is increasingly standard, letting your veteran employees have even more control over their work-life balance can be more valuable than anything you could wrap as a gift.

Keeping your best employees is vital for the productivity and longevity of your company, and letting them know how you value them can keep them feeling like they belong. With excellent benefits and other wonderful rewards, long-term employees will be happy to stay with you for years to come.