Using Vastu for relationships is not as common as you would think. That’s because most people don’t want to admit that there’s some trouble in their relationships with loved ones - especially not in front of a stranger Vastu consultant.

If you too have a relationship that’s turning sour and fear facing a Vastu expert, don’t worry! In this article, we will share some tips that will help you reduce the anger, frustration, and irritation that you have with your loved ones. These tips will help you move towards a calmer, peaceful life with them.

4 Tips of Vastu for Relationships

  • Keep the northeast part of the home clear and clutter-free.

The northeast part of the house is believed to bring the most optimistic energy to the house.

If this part is full of dust, clutter, and trash, the energy here will become negative in no time. And as that energy becomes part of the whole house, it will also affect the minds of those living there.

That’s why, if the northeast part of your house isn't clear, it’s a sign you need to work on Vastu for relationships.

Decluttered state of the northeast can affect your ability to think clearly. You may not be able to make good decisions or follow the necessary rules.

People living in such a house do not understand the difference between right and wrong. That’s why it’s easier for them to get mingled in extramarital affairs and not care about their existing relationships.

  • Balance the Agni element in your house.

What if the northeast is Vastu-balanced, but you still feel a lack of understanding with family members and close relationships? You may also have tons of arguments due to differences between them. If you do, check the southeast of your house.

According to Vastu for relationships or any aspect of life, the fire element in your house should be in the southeast direction. Fire elements include your kitchen stove, fireplace, and everything red in color (for example, plants in red pots, red carpets, etc.)

If the fire element in your house is not in the southeast, you need to consult a Vastu specialist and implement the remedies for this Vastu dosha.

If the kitchen is in the southeast and you still have issues, you may have the kitchen stove in the east of southeast direction.

In such cases, family members have a tough time living with each other. There are no regular conversations, as every sentence can turn into an argument.

People in such a house often react to situations rather than respond. They don’t listen to the other person, lack understanding, and often focus on having the last word or winning the argument.

When all this causes emotional trouble, family members tend to look outside for affection and end up in wrong or extramarital affairs.

  • Balance the northwest direction with a white light bulb.

Now, this is not set in stone that a family member will have a wrong affair if the northeast isn't clean or the southeast is unbalanced.

There can be some other related other of the house that’s also not balanced, as per Vastu for home.

One of the other areas in your house that can affect relationships is the northwest zone.

If there’s any imbalance in this area, the family may feel a lack of love. This imbalance can be a toilet or the small size of the north of northwest in dimensions if compared to the whole house.

Any family member may seek out relationships outside the family to fulfill their need for love and affection that the loved ones cannot provide.

In most cases, lighting a white colored bulb in the northwest will help improve the situation. However, in bad scenarios (for example, having a toilet in the northwest), you need to consult someone.

A quick and easy way is to consult a Vastu expert online. We at Vaastu Devayah Namah have many learned specialists who can help you.

  • Remove the color green from the southwest area

Apart from the northeast, southeast, and northwest, the southwest direction can cause trouble in relationships.

According to Vastu for relationships, you shouldn't have the color green in the southwest. It means you should avoid things like plants, green wall color, and bedsheets, carpets, or curtains in green color.

The green color affects the energy of your environment in such a way that it can create differences among loved ones. Thus, motivating them to find someone outside - who would listen to them with care.

The Bottom Line

You can fix some of your relationship troubles with little changes. These include:

  • Keeping the northeast part of your house clean and well-lit.
  • Placing the kitchen stove in the correct position in the southeast.
  • Lighting a white bulb regularly in the northwest area of the house.
  • Avoiding the color green in the southwest.

Additionally, you should always:

  • Keep all areas of your house clean and tidy.
  • Ensure the trash is never in high-energy areas like the north and east.
  • Keep your windows and doors open to enjoy the healing energy of the morning sun.
  • Avoid sleeping, working, or doing anything meaningful in low-energy areas like the west of south-west direction.

Note that all these are only tiny changes you can make yourself. These will not have transforming results, but your life will definitely get better.

Also, remember that your family will not have extensive relationship troubles if only one of these directions is unbalanced. There may be Vastu doshas somewhere else.

The best way out of these troubles is to get the services of an experienced Vastu expert. Such an expert will give you customized solutions of Vastu for relationships after proper analysis and calculations according to your house plan.

Their precise solutions will solve the root cause of your problems while restoring the balance of your house.

Their solutions will address the problems and the amount of damage done directly and give you better results.

Want to give Vastu for relationships a try? Consult us at Vaastu Devayah Namah today!


Which direction is best for couples to sleep as per Vastu?

A couple should sleep in the northwest or southwest directions of the house. If a couple includes the head of the family, their bedroom should be in the southwest.

How can we reduce quarrels at home with Vastu shastra?

Make sure the northeast, southwest, southeast, and northwest parts of your house follow the Vastu shastra rules. Contact a Vastu expert to find and remedy Vastu doshas.

Which side should the wife sleep with her husband?

To have a loving relationship with understanding, the wife should sleep on the left side of the husband.