Having clear objectives in mind can be a powerful motivator for achieving success. By setting achievable goals and experiencing the satisfaction of accomplishing them, you can maintain a forward-looking perspective and continue to progress.

In recent years, Justin Aim Crawford has become a renowned international photographer, with multiple published covers to his name.

His passion for photography began in the 7th grade when he took a photography class, but  didn’t have the money for a camera. Years later he was reintroduced to the camera while supporting his friend's photography business. He soon took the craft more seriously, supporting his girlfriend's modeling career with his photography. With his dedication and talent, he quickly rose to success.

His work was first featured on magazine covers in 2016 and since then, he has captured images of well-known individuals such as Toya Wright, Janeisha John, Tommie, Angel Love, Tank, Danielle Nicolet, and Twista.

Crawford has also been recognized for his talent, winning the Arsenic Magazine's 20K Tuesday photography contest twice and being featured in Endee Magazine's Bare Edition cover and a TED talk.

His unique photography style, "Cineglamatorial," blends glamour with cinematic lighting, color palettes, and editorial flair. This combination caught the attention of Marcus G. Blassingame, the editor-in-chief of Inblack magazine, and led to several published stories and spreads on Crawford's work.

In addition to his skills as a photographer, Crawford values the importance of creating a safe and comfortable environment for his models during shoots. He aims to be a supportive coach and leader, using photography as one of his tools. With his passion for innovation and his ability to motivate others, he is well-respected in his field.

Crawford's approach is centered around having a clear target and knowing who he is. He explains, "My goals always start with a target-backward mentality. I make sure I know what I want and who I am. With a well-defined objective and a solid foundation, I can reach my targets efficiently."

His aviation-themed work reflects his lifelong dedication to reaching high goals, a passion that stems from his experience in military aircraft.

Crawford's journey to success serves as a reminder that setbacks and mistakes are a normal part of the path to achievement. The key is to view them as opportunities for growth and to not let them discourage you from pursuing your dreams. Champions embrace challenges and use them to become better.

Apart from being an accomplished photographer, Aim Crawford is also a motivational coach and leader. He has a deep understanding of the human psyche and knows how to get the best out of people. He encourages models to feel safe and comfortable during photo shoots, and this has earned him the respect and admiration of many. He believes that photography is just one of the tools he uses to make a positive impact on people's lives.

Aim Crawford's success story is a reminder that success is not a smooth ride. You'll face challenges and make mistakes along the way, but it's important not to get discouraged. Instead, view your mistakes as learning opportunities and use them to grow and improve. No one is perfect, and the only difference between those who succeed and those who don't is how they react to setbacks.