Students leave no stone unturned in order to attain knowledge and information. Every student wants to enhance his or her knowledge and abilities to achieve great goals in their academic life. For this student to work hard day and night, they take classes from various teachers and are opting these all the new resources which can make learning easy for them. School management system of almost all the schools is also helping students in this goal. School management system of almost every school is providing them with their assignments and projects and various details related to their curriculum via online learning. Also, school managements are inducing various innovative tools to help the student in their online learning like LMS portals. LMS portals make sure that online education of the students should be safe and easy. Students have to endure many things along with their studies such as responsibilities of home and personal life. Sometimes their personal and academic lives get tangled with each other and they get stressed a lot. These situations become grave distractions while students want to study. Such situations make students full of anxiety and distraction and due to lack of concentration students start to get poor marks and in the worst scenario they also sometimes.

With so much happening in the personal and academic life it becomes very difficult for the students to concentrate on their studies but nothing is impossible in this world so in this article we will discuss those golden methods through which students can stay away from such distractions and can focus on their studies and learning. Well first of all students have everything in their life unorganized and having so many assignments and homework so being submitted on a deadline can be stressful. Having so much to do can confuse the students so it is necessary for them to make a proper schedule and set a deadline for accomplishment of each and every assignment or project so that students can accomplish all targets. When as a student you want to concentrate then don't cheat yourself. Create full concentration by turning off all those gadgets which can disturb you while studying anyhow such as put your android phone on silent, turn off the TV/tablet, and even if your internet to study just keep one tab opened that too with your study material nothing else. You will have to control your mind from getting attracted towards tempting but time-wasting websites, too. 

Usually the mind of a student gets lazy seeing large sized projects and assignments but try not to get scared, in fact make it fun by breaking such heavy tasks into small clusters because being in small clusters it becomes easy to accomplish such assignments and projects. Also need to study continuously for a long time instead of taking breaks of 10 minutes after studying every one hour to give rest to the eyes and refreshment to the mind. It is proven in many studies that taking breaks many times gives that rest to the mind that a task which may be stuck somewhere due to lack of a correct idea, that task gets boosted by a new idea. Sometimes most neglected ways prove to be the most important one. The same way if the environment where a student is studying becomes full of noises then students should use noise killing headphones and should listen to the auditory study material or sometimes listen to sweet music also to refresh the mind and start from a new page.

Students sometimes could not find their spark spot. That means the special place where they can enjoy studying peacefully and that can be anywhere. Sometimes it can be a corner of a coffee shop or a park beneath a tree full of shadow or at the bank of a river. Students should not run after traditional ways of learning, instead should find the spot where they feel they are concentrating. While studying, an unorganized study desk is the biggest source of distraction so it should never be messy. Instead, it should be organized properly so that seeing its mood should start to compel studying. A student should not be so rigid for own sake, instead a student should keep himself/herself rewarded in order to keep motivated and that can be anything like going to movies, enjoying parties with friends, having quality time with family or spending some time alone enjoying a cup of coffee. Following above enumerated methods a student can stay away from distractions while studying.