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You must be observing some changes made to Instagram almost recently. Let us discuss a few new Instagram features that we have discovered in the past few days.


Like Facebook and WhatsApp, where we have this option to update our status and share what is on our minds, Instagram has also launched a feature called notes where you can leave a note for your followers, which will be visible to them for 24 hours.


Reels these days are the most liked feature of Instagram. So, because people enjoy reels more, Instagram has added a reel button. Clicking once, this button will direct you toward the new reels posted by the people you follow or random people and celebrities. Consequently, the notifications button has been shifted to the top right side beside the DM option.


While Instagram music had become common in some countries, there were other countries where this feature wasn't available. Instagram has made its music feature available worldwide for all countries, where you can play music behind any video, still picture, or story. People are more active on posts with music in the background, according to the analyses.


One great thing about Instagram is that it is a multipurpose application. Some people use this application for running businesses, few like it for entertainment, and some want their content and creativity to be recognized. While those who want to keep their life private use the application to interact with their close friends through various features like chat, voice calls or video calls.