Multitasking or side-hustle has caught up as the trend of the time. Especially, post pandemic, with increasing inflation and the drop in employment, the need for side incomes has also increased. In fact, some workplaces encourage the culture of part time jobs amongst their employees. With the rising popularity of hybrid work culture also, the need for part time jobs has increased. This twofold increase in need and want has pumped up the requirement of hybrid work facilities or workspaces.

But the problem with the ordinary part time facilities is that they are not flexible enough to accommodate the needs of the employees and individuals or freelancers alike. Traditional office spaces also do not contribute as much to the overall development of the individual. A person who has the potential to learn and grow while doing a part time job is restricted to the mediocrity of the assigned work and does not get the opportunity to flourish as much as they would want to do. Considering you are working as a part-time virtual receptionist and you must avoid distractions to give the best performance in your job, a co-working space can help you get ready to work office and the actual work environment.

On the other hand, choosing a coworking space in Hyderabad for part time or hybrid office workers has countless benefits for both the employers as well as employees. Part time work can be defined in terms of fewer work hours per week than full time jobs, accompanied with rotational shifts and increased flexibility. The benefit for the individual is that he is able to allocate more time to acquire skills, or schooling, or engage in another form of employment.

Plug and play office goes a long way in benefitting part time jobs work culture. A few ways of how this happens are enumerated as follows: -

  • Enhances social skills- When working out of a shared office space, a person is exposed to various kinds of people from different walks of life. The workspace is always buzzing with a vibrant community and professionals from different backgrounds. This is of immense benefit to part time workers and freelancers alike as they learn about different cultures, professions and are more inclined towards gaining an understanding of managing and dealing with people. It helps to develop ones’ interpersonal as well as soft skills. This goes a long way in the overall personality development and makes a positive contribution to the mental and emotional well-being of the person.
  • Greater opportunities- The array of opportunities that a coworking space provides is incredible. Opportunities may be counted in terms of chances of learning, socialisation, networking and recreation. Making contacts and expanding one’s identity to carve out a niche for oneself is profitable in the long run, especially for part time workers who are mostly on the lookout for better prospects.
  • Availability of amenities- Even a part time employee requires best-in-class facilities like high-speed internet connectivity, 24x7 power backup, ergonomic furniture, courier and mail management, housekeeping and maintenance, security and surveillance, tea/coffee/water on the house and much more. These amenities are arranged and maintained by coworking space providers. Rather than being pulled into all mundane and minute stuff, both part time employers and employees can channelise their attention and resources to more productive and crucial aspects of their work.
  • Boosts creativity- The toughest challenge of a part time worker is to bring out the maximum possible efficiency in the least possible time. For this they need motivation, inspiration and a flexible routine along with discipline. At an office space for rent, there are ample possibilities for motivation at your workspace. Mentorship, networking, an aesthetic and functionally designed workspace with ergonomic furniture, and interacting with other professionals can boost creativity of part time employees besides getting a chance to involve oneself in brainstorming and problem-solving sessions. This also helps to set and achieve business goals.
  • Cost effectiveness- One of the most important parts of taking up workstations in a coworking space or even private office cabins or meeting rooms is the savings that you get from overhead costs. You may not be able to avoid such expenditures while working in a traditional office setup. It is a cheaper and more economical alternative to otherwise cost intensive industry. The overhead costs are immediately cut down and replaced by a ‘pay as you use’ policy. Even part time employees or gig workers require equal amounts of space and world-class amenities. Setting up or paying for a full workstation and then keeping it idle when not in use is a waste of money and resources. It balances out the liabilities according to the extent of usage, rather than overcharging. Therefore, approaching plug and play offices is a solution to this problem.

Thus, it may be said that shared office space is the ideal option for one and all. Be it freelancers, part timers, entrepreneurs or full-time employees of a multinational corporation; a plug and play office is suitable for all. At iKeva, the multitude of best-in-class amenities offered to all its members are matchless. iKeva is a workspace provider with community and member benefits that provides managed office space, coworking office, virtual office and meeting rooms across Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai.