Giving pricey presents is customary, but we have a few gifting ideas that can fit within your budget and will show that you care to break the stereotype. Gift-giving, especially around the holidays for your loved ones, is personal. Give your loved ones something to remember you by this New Year's while also enabling them to engage in self-care. Spread the joy by selecting from the options below, whether for your family, friends, or secret Santa friend.

Since skin care products have many options to choose from, it often becomes tricky to choose the best product for your loved ones. Starting from Vaseline body lotions to Lakme body care products, there’s a lot for you to choose from. To simplify your task, these are the few best skin care products like vaseline products listed below that you can choose to give to your loved ones this New Year.

  • Ayouthveda Kunkumadi Face Mask - With age, our skin loses its natural radiance, and thanks to pollution, the process has been hastened. But not any longer! With Ayouthveda Kunkumadi face mask aids in bringing back your skin's natural radiance. The mask is infused with a lovely mixture of the best Kashmiri saffron and more than 20 glow-enhancing herbs, which helps to repair imperfections and add brightness to dull, older skin while boosting skin resilience. Given that we are in the winter and our skin needs an additional boost of moisture, this mask is excellent to give to all the skincare enthusiasts in your life. It may be used by both men and women, so you don’t have to search high and low for the perfect gift for a He/She.
  • Dieux Forever Eye Masks - The skin around our eyes is thinner and more sensitive than the skin on other regions of our face, as any skincare enthusiast friend will already be aware of. Then Dieux Forever Eye Masks are the ideal option for you. These silicone masks may be applied over an eye cream to seal in moisture and hydration and are reusable. The product's versatility is what really sets it apart: Because of its occlusive properties, any products utilized around the eyes will penetrate further. The design allows you to use them as a sort of guide for eyeshadow and powder without having to worry about product spillage, so you can also use them for applying makeup.
  • Khadi Essential Oils - What could be better than gifting your loved ones with a set of essential oils? Khadi has a range of essential oils that serve as a perfect skin care product for anyone. Starting from Lavender oil which helps you to relax as well as takes care of your sleeplessness. A drop of Sandalwood oil in your bath can not only just relax your muscles but also helps you to keep smelling fresh throughout the day. Apart from them, Khadi also has TeaTree oil, Rose oil, Eucalyptus oil, and many more to choose from. So without wasting much time, go ahead and buy the essential oil set for your loved ones.
  • Vaseline body care product - Vaseline has been manufacturing body care products for a very long time; as a result, they are quite a trusted and loved brand. If you are wondering what’s the safest kind of body product range you can gift your loved ones, then choose Vaseline products. Starting from body lotions to face creams to lip balms, Vaseline has a range of skincare products to choose from. The Vaseline Cocoa body lotion is perfect for every type of skin and is a perfect choice for harsh winters, whereas the new Vaseline Aloe vera body lotion can be applied any time of the year as it gives your skin the right moisturization without making you feel sticky.
  • OZiva Youth Elixir Anti-Aging Serum - Nobody wants to get old, but nowadays, with pollution being so high and imbalanced diet conditions, many people are experiencing early signs of aging, such as wrinkles, dull and loose skin, and black spots. If you are wondering which skin care product to give your beloved this New Year, then go for OZiva Youth Elixir Anti-Aging Serum. By minimizing wrinkles and sun damage, the antioxidant and age-reversal characteristics of this pure, plant-based, organic serum enhance skin tightness and suppleness. Safflower seed oil improves moisturization and minimizes water loss. With the help of paracress extract, an excellent anti-aging serum like this one tightens the skin, boosts collagen levels, and reduces wrinkles.
  • Mcaffeine Winter Skincare Kit - Though Mcaffeine is new in the market yet, within its short time of arrival, it has been able to capture the hearts of thousands of users. Starting from its Coffee body scrub, which helps to exfoliate dead skin cells as well as remove tan. The Choco and Shea body butter moisturizer helps to lock hydration and keep your skin moisturized for a very long period of time. Gifting this kit can be a perfect gift to your loved ones as it will contain a range of different products that’ll, in turn, help them to take care of themselves during winter. Since they are quite affordable, you can easily buy them and not worry about your month-end budget. So go ahead and give this Mcaffeine Winter Skincare Kit to your loved ones this New Year.

We all know choosing the perfect products for skin care might be very daunting. Even skin care specialists may have a fit-of-choice paralysis when presented with a wall of available goods. Beginners might not know which products are ideal for their skin type and complexion. Gift packages for skin care might be useful in this situation. The finest gift kits for skin care contain a variety of full-size and travel-size items. Whether the recipient is an expert in skin care or a total novice, a skincare kit is a wonderful present to give. If you are not an expert in choosing skin care products, you can always choose from the very basic product, such as Vaseline, and then move up the ladder.