Owned by KMC Wheels, XD Wheels is currently one of the top brands operating in the aftermarket off-roading space. It was founded in 1995 and is older than most of the recognized off-road rim manufacturers like Fuel. XD offers a wide range of high-quality rims made only using aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.

It would be a mistake to assume that XD offers only off-roading solutions. It also has models perfect for city and suburban driving and there are several models meant for racing too. Asphalt or no asphalt, XD has successfully retained an enviable pool of clients across the United States.

2023 saw the launch of a few new models like every other year. However, if you are looking to take home a set of high-tech XD Wheels, getting the latest models is not a great idea. Instead, go for established models that have already proven their worth.

Here are 5 such rims to get you started. These are all off-road models.

5 bestselling XD Wheels

These are the most popular model currently available that outsells almost all other XD rims. Note that all 5 come with one-year warranties on workmanship and finish.

  1. XD820 Grenade: The XD820 Grenade received an update in December 2022, but the basic template and performance metrics remain the same. The update is mostly cosmetic. The Grenade is an 8-spoked off-road specialist that is wildly popular among owners of pickup trucks, minivans, full-size SUVs, and ATVs.

Of 4 available sizes, the 20-inch Grenade is easily the most in-demand. From what we learned (from aftermarket professionals at our favorite retail outlet, California’s AudioCity USA), most customers prefer the satin black milled finish since it looks trendy and aggressive simultaneously.

This 1-piece cast rim also works wonders with any 4-WD passenger vehicle. At around 26 pounds, the lightweight XD820 Grenade is a stunner and can help you conquer almost any surface.

The affordable price tag is also a huge advantage!

  1. XD822 Monster 2: In case you were wondering, there isn’t any ‘Monster 1’! This is a model for serious off-roading enthusiasts and is available in 3 sizes. The matte black 20-inch Monster 2 is currently the fastest-selling of the trio. Even from a distance, it is clear that XD Wheels has added a load of character and charisma to the rim, topped off with some lessons from the racing track.

It’s a splendid choice for Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators, Ford’s F-150 and F-250 series, and fits the Rubicon like a suede glove. The cast aluminum 20-inch Monster 2 is a bit heavy at around 40 pounds but it won’t alter the fuel consumption rate by a lot.

We believe that if you are new to the off-roading club and are learning the ropes, the 20-inch XD822 should be your first choice. With load ratings of between 2500-3640 pounds (depending on bolt pattern), they will take you wherever you wanna go.

  1. XD847 Outbreak: The Outbreak is simplicity redefined with hints of concavity and lots of muscle. It upends the traditional 10-spoke design using fine machining and they touch the inner rim surface with a faux riveted look. There are 3 sizes that XD Wheels has made available, and the 20-inch variant pips the others narrowly in sales volumes.

This is the experts’ choice for heavily modified and lifted trucks and pickups. From the RAM 1500 to the latest Silverado and the Sierra all the way up to full-size monster SUVs like the Ford Expedition & Toyota’s Sequoia, this XD Wheels model is up for any challenge you can pose.

On an aside, we have personally used a set on our rickety F-150. The 20-inch black rims looked and performed exactly as XD promises: without compromise!

Go for the milled black with gray tints; it has a timeless appeal and you’ll have everyone’s attention too.

  1. XD842 Snare: Well, this certainly is a snare all right! It comes in a single size (20-inches) and the bold black finish with a replaceable central cap has won the hearts of many passionate drivers – including a few professional racers. What really adds to the aesthetic is the double mesh spoke design that lends it a feline stance and respectability to boot.

XD Wheels recommends this specific model for Jeeps. Of course, you can use these rims on just about any vehicle capable of off-roading. Perhaps the best part about the XD842 Snare is that it suits several vintage vehicles like no other model in this category. We have tried this on a 1996 2-door Ford Bronco and a 3rd-gen Chevy Camaro.

Very different cars, but both looked sexy! There are 3 lug patterns on offer. You can also customize it to an extent by removing a few metal parts from the central façade.

  1. XD859 Gunner Candy Red: Surprisingly, the Candy Red finish of the iconic XD Gunner has gradually left the matte black milled & black-gray tinted ones behind. We were assured by several rim professionals we spoke with that the main reason was the ‘funky’ & laid-back style aspects the red finish brought along. There’s only so much black/gray/gunmetal/anthracite finishes you can stand!

The 22-inch XD859 Gunner is more popular than the smaller 20-inch sibling. It suits all off-road vehicles in the country and is a favorite in circles where modding is a way of life. The 22-inch Gunner can don massive heavy-duty off-roading tires like the General Grabber X3 and the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro.

At just 32 pounds, these are lightweight, functional, and no-nonsense off-road rims.

A word of advice

If you are still confused vis-à-vis which of these 5 models of XD Wheels will be perfect for you, please consult with your trusted retailer first. And always buy these rims from prestigious outlets only.

The US market has been swamped with fake rims. Be on guard!