Forgiato Wheels is recognized across the United States and in all major aftermarket circles worldwide as being one of the handful of brands able to take the latest fads and in-season colors and use them to make rims guaranteed to turn heads. 

It has been voted by some of the most respected market experts as ‘the’ brand you should consider if you are looking to really amp up the style quotient. It’s no wonder that the company is also known as ‘Forgiato Designs’.

Established in 2006, Forgiato is a huge brand with a reputation for high-quality rims that combine performance, style and fashion, and durability. It manufactures customized forged rims for deluxe vehicles and operates out of LA.

This is an American company and all original Forgiato Wheels are made in America with pride.

Of course, it is widely known that these rims carry a hefty price tag too. But when you buy Forgiato rims, you pay not just for the quality and design elements but also for personalization. No two sets of wheels look alike. It helps your prized car stand out in a sea of also-rans!

Are you looking to up the ante this year in the looks department? 

The next section lists the 4 top-selling Forgiato models- just for you.

The most popular Forgiato Wheels

Do note that all 4 models here are forged rims using only the finest aluminum alloys. Forgiato sticks to 6061-T6 aluminum for better performance on tricky terrain and extra longevity.

  1. Autonomo-L Brushed 2-Tone Finish: The Autonomo-L range is one of the most popular ones from the House of Forgiato. This is a super-deluxe aftermarket wheel suited for the upper crust of passenger vehicles across the world. Generally, the 19-inch model in a 2-tone finish (peach gold and chrome in particular) outsells the other siblings. There are plenty of other finishes that are equally attractive.

The smaller, 19-inch rims let you use bigger and broader tires with higher aspect ratios. Broader tires are the domain of premium vehicles like the Rolls-Royce Wraith, Bentley Continental, BMW’s 3 Series or the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. This model also suits coupes and the latest EVs.

A lot of people who own rare and collectible heritage cars also opt only for the Autonomo-L. You can customize the center caps, lip designs (both outer and inner), rivet size and color, spoke design and machining, lug spacing and a lot else. 

This is one of the best models of Forgiato Wheels currently in circulation.

  1. Avviato-FF Staggered: The Forgiato Avviato-FF is a staggered rim with an astounding design, especially the spokes. The 8 spokes look a lot like Turkish swords; closer home, they resemble high-end cutlery with their polished silver finish. These staggered wheels are available in a few sizes, but the 20-inch model is the clear winner in terms of sales.

These are easily some of the sexiest rims you will find in the aftermarket sector. Forgiato has laid out several finishes; the brushed silver one with chic chrome lip is recommended. This model suits all full-size sedans, coupes and station wagons. It is also sophisticated enough to go well with vintage cars.

Each year, the Avviato-FF forged rims are shown off at the company’s style conclave- the ‘Forgiato Fest’. And the Avviato-FF continues to charm!

You’ll be glad to know that these rims will also suit premium SUVs (like the Chevy Escalade) and speed monsters like the latest Mustangs and Camaros.

  1. Blocco: The Blocco from Forgiato is perfect for those who like taking modding to the extremes- and then some more. Of the 10+ finishes, it is the gloss black with hints of dark yellowish orange (Forgiato calls it ‘Mango Orange’) that has snared most customers interested in high-street style. 

Although orange is used very sparingly – just the accents on the mesh spoke – the overall effect is edgy, peppy and attractive to the newer generations. The 20-inch Blocco forged rims will stand out like a Bengal tiger in a sea of pumas, so to speak.

We spoke with some of the best rim professionals we know; they work with California’s AudioCity USA, a 35-year-old retailer with an immense collection of aftermarket rims. The experts informed us that the Blocco black-and-orange rims are in demand for already-modified (high-end) cars like the Maserati Ghibli & the 2008 Dodge Magnum.

These beautifully polished Forgiato Wheels add another note of color.

Note that the Blocco range is relatively more affordable than most custom Forgiato rims

  1. Classico-M Custom 2-Tone Finish: Of all the models on this page, this is our favorite. That’s because Forgiato takes the Plane-Jane 5-spoke template and then transforms it entirely till it looks from something straight out of a ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ fever dream. The 21-inch Classico-M in matte black with light yellow inserts are probably the leaders of this pack, although you can customize the finish to your hearts’ content.

The Classico-M is a go-to model for those who drive supercharged cars, though sedan and coupe owners are also warming up to it. It’s elegant and has more muscle than most Forgiato rims.

The last time it was upgraded, Forgiato Wheels offered even more room for personalization. From lug nut count to bore spacing to finish and then to the lip design and spoke machining options- you can ask for a completely unique set of rims that will fit your ride like a suede glove.

As an aside, we once witnessed how it completely changed a beaten-up Jeep Grand Cherokee to a point where the much-abused off-roader looked a decade younger! 

Before we go

Please purchase your set of tailor-made Forgiato Wheels only from authorized and reputable retailers only. 

There are plenty of fakes flying around. Be a bit wary when you look for deals too.